The Sport Hive has links with sports business incubators globally located in France, the Netherlands, the United States of America and Australia. 


Our links with sport incubators around the world allow for our Incubees to test their businesses in foreign markets and work collaboratively with their counterparts. Additionally, our Incubees can further tap into the extensive network and the knowledge and experience that exists within these institutions. 



Le Tremplin is a Paris based sports incubator. Located in the Jean-Bouin Stadium in southeast Paris, Le Tremplin has a diverse range of sport start-ups from tech to nutrion-based. 



Stadia Ventures is the Missouri-based sports incubated in the United States of America. It is a hub for Sports Entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors. 



The Sydney Sports Incubator in Australia is located in Sydney Olympic Park and incubates some of the most innovative sport start-ups in the southern hemisphere. 



Topsport Limburg - based in Sittard-Geleen in the Netherlands - offers youth the opportunity to realize their potential in an environment with Olympic ambitions. With direct access to elite athletes, Topsport can offer sports entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop cutting edge products in line with these athletes.

Sport eXperience - based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands - helps sport startups, entrepreneurs & established companies discover new opportunities. Their fast-track helps to accelerate these into valuable innovations with true business potential.



SPIN - based in Toronto is the home for Canada's sports tech educators, entrepreneurs and industry experts.

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