- Entrepreneur in Residence -

Michael Harkins

Turtle Pack


Turtle Pack is a multiple award-winning innovative and progressional swimming stabiliser.

It promotes arms free, correct body position and a progressive and fun way of learning to swim.  

- Incubees -

Carmen Cummiskey


Equestrian Sport

The TEQNOX mission statement is that "equipment should not inhibit performance, but rather enhance it". Carmen has designed a product that offers three core properties; Freedom of movement, breathable and safe. 

Andrew Davidson

AS D-Zine

Endurance & Extreme Sports

Created through his company AS D-Zine, Andrew's product Go~Iso is a hydration device which instantly converts water from a water bladder system into a formulated sports drink. In addition to its sport application, Andrew has invented a product that has application within the military sector.

Tim Elizondo


Running Performance

Attis is creating SMART sensored training apparel which aims to improve performance through motion capture technology. 

Joseph Emmi



Agatha is the health & safety app for sport participants that understands when the user is at risk and alerts help without the need for action. 

Jack Hinton

Ox Pak

Mountain Biking

Designed for mountain bikers by mountain bikers, Ox Pak is a harness system designed to make difficult and unrideable ascents possible!

Chris Low and Katie Reid

Tour Tag


A service designed to be a game changer for golf! Tour Tag aims to increase revenues for local clubs whilst simultaneously improving the experience for the consumer.

Mohsin Laginaf


Sports Nutrition  

B4Sport is a non-carbonated pre-sport energy drink made with natural caffeine.


B4Sport does not include taurine or any artificial ingredients, instead using only natural ingredients to improve taste.

Andrew O'Riordan  

Major Designs


A golf training aid that teaches you exactly how and where to putt regardless of the environment. 

Ryan Price



A complete re-design of the traditional weightlifting belt; ensuring that it performs and looks better than the traditional version.

David White

BGR Training


BGR Training brings flexibility, innovation and versatility to the world of suspension training. 

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