Winning is only the beginning... 

Only the very best become Challenge Champions, and this exclusive club contains some of the most innovative, hard-working and exciting entrepreneurs in the country. Our Challenge Champions have proven that a good idea coupled with the desire to succeed can pay off.

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Jamie Spratt - Roam
Chris Low & Katie Reid - Tour Tag
Ronan Joy - Kicking - Down to the Tee
Helen Traill - Eatin
Alex Birks - SecondPerspective
Andrew O'Riordan - Major Design
David White - BGR Training
Mohsin Laginaf - B4Sport
Tim Elizondo - Attis Fitness
Jack Hinton - Ox Pak
Andrew Gillen & Jeff Duah-Kessie - ArmaSox
Andrew Davidson - Bulb PD
Carmen Cummiskey - Teqnox
Jamie Kunka - Lonely Mountain Skis
Michael Harkins - Turtle Pack
David Hunter - Shot Scope

Roam (2017/18 Winner)

Jamie Spratt

The University of Dundee

For those that love that call of the outdoors (like Jamie), there simply isn't an easy way to carry and then store the huge volume and variety of kit required for sports like mountain biking, surfing or rock climbing. The Roam backpack will change all this and offer customers a way to do it all.​


Tour Tag (2017/18 Winner)

Chris Low & Katie Reid

The University of Abertay

A service designed to be a game changer for golf! Tour Tag aims to increase revenues for local clubs whilst simultaneously improving the experience for the consumer.


Kicking - Down to the Tee (2017/18 Winner)

Ronan Joy

The University of Dundee

For rugby players, a closed skill like kicking can mean the difference between winning and losing. Ronan's unique and innovative technology will allow players to practice kicking with accuracy and give clear guidance on how to improve.


Eatin (2017/18 Winner)

Helen Traill

Edinburgh Napier University

Campers and hillwalkers have, for decades, used the traditional mess tin when preparing and cooking food. Helen will give this trusted piece of outdoor kit an injection of innovation and modernity.

SecondPerspective (2017/18 Winner)

Alex Birks

Heriot-Watt University

Based on revolutionary blood flow restriction therapy, SecondPerspective allows athletes to rehabilitate injuries in a safe and controlled way. This means rugby and football clubs can have injured players back on the pitch more quickly; saving clubs potentially thousands of pounds and ensuring the longevity of their players.


Major Design (2016/17 Winner)

Andrew O'Riordan

The University of Dundee

A golf training aid that teaches you exactly how and where to putt regardless of the environment. 

BGR Training (2016/17 Winner)

David White

The University of Strathclyde

BGR Training brings flexibility, innovation and versatility to the world of suspension training. 

B4Sport (2016/17 Winner)

Mohsin Laginaf

The University of Stirling

B4Sport is a non-carbonated pre-sport energy drink made with natural caffeine.


B4Sport does not include taurine or any artificial ingredients, instead using only natural ingredients to improve taste.

Attis (2016/17 Winner)

Tim Elizondo

The University of Strathclyde

Attis is creating SMART sensored training apparel which aims to improve performance through motion capture technology. 

Ox Pak (2016/17 Winner)

Jack Hinton

The University of Dundee 

Designed for mountain bikers by mountain bikers, Ox Pak is a harness system designed to make difficult and unrideable ascents possible!


ArmaSox (2015/16 Winner)

Jeff Duah-Kessie & Andrew Gillen

The University of Stirling 

ArmaSox, the newest innovation in football socks created by Jeff Duah-Kessie and Andrew Gillen.


ArmaSox aim to increase sports performance whilst also reducing the chance of injury. Through the use of innovative materials and manufacturing, ArmaSox aim to offer users a competitive edge. 


Go~Iso (2015/16 Winner)

Andrew Davidson

Robert Gordon University

Go~Iso is a hydration device which instantly converts water from a water bladder system into a formulated sports drink.


Go~Iso can be used in both extreme and endurance sports, as well as having an application for use within the military sector.


TEQNOX (2015/16 Winner)

Carmen Cummiskey

The University of Strathclyde

TEQNOX offers consumers freedom of movement, breathability and safety.


Carmen's philosophy that equipment should "enhance performance rather than inhibit it" has been critical to the development of this product for Equestrian sports. 


Lonely Mountain Skis (2014/15 Winner)

Jamie Kunka

The University of Dundee

LMS build handmade custom skis using a blend of traditional and modern techniques.


An ISPO Award Gold Winner for 16/17, LMS offers bespoke design in an eco-friendly manner, helping to protect the environment its designed to perform in. 


Turtle Pack (2014/15 Winner)

Michael Harkins

Heriot-Watt University 

Turtle Pack is an innovative and progressional swimming stabiliser.


It promotes arms free, correct body position and a progressive and fun way of learning to swim.  


Shot Scope (2014/15 Winner)

David Hunter

The University of Edinburgh

Shot Scope is a golf wearable like no other. The product captures data in the background while you play with minimal fuss.


The aim is to improve the way in which both amateur and professional golfers collect and analyze statistics from their game.