Pitching & Public Speaking

Mel Sherwood 

Mel Sherwood is the founder and director of Grow Your Potential. Born in Australia, Mel has over 20 years’ experience in helping people develop their public speaking and pitching skills. As Mel states, with 75% of the population having a fear of public speaking, it’s just as well she is on hand to help. Mel delivers her Top Tips plus a bonus tip to help you develop your public speaking and pitching abilities.


Starting out in business can be a challenge. Watch as our experts share their Top 5 Tips:

Intellectual Property

Catherine Potts & David Hughes

Catherine and David are part of the Intellectual Assets Team at Scottish Enterprise.


Catherine and David are our experts in Intellectual Property, from trademarking to patenting, they have you covered.

Marketing Your Business

David Sherman

A Graduate of Strathclyde’s Business School, David is the Events & Marketing Manager for Sporting Chance Initiative.


 When it comes to Marketing, David couples his academic knowledge with his creative flair to bring you some fantastic tips for our Series.


Carol Anderson

 A PR supremo, Carol has 34 years experience in PR and Marketing and 25 years running her own company, The Business, a PR Consultancy.


Carol touches upon her experiences with clients and her own personal experience to bring you her Top 5 Tips.


Graham Innes

 Graham is at the helm of Let’s Network, a fantastic not-for-profit organisation which facilitates business networking.


He brings you some fundamental tips on how to Network successfully and the importance of doing so, something that is often overlooked!